Ethos Diagnostic Science Conducts Accuracy Testing for Samsung

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Ethos Diagnostic Science was recently contracted by Samsung to study the accuracy of the new PT10V blood analyzer as Samsung prepared to enter the US Animal Health market. The small, point-of-care chemistry analyzer had been evaluated by Samsung in Korea prior to then, but it had not been studied against any reference standards.

Using industry recommendations for the validation of new laboratory assays methods, Ethos Diagnostic Science compared all instruments by testing several hundred canine, feline and equine blood specimens covering a wide range of values. Standard statistical methods for evaluating correlation – comparing the accuracy of the new analyzer with results obtained, on the same samples, from the reference analyzers – were utilized. The results showed excellent and acceptable data for all of the dog and cat samples, and nearly all of the horse specimens.

Dr. Andrew Loar, Vice President of Laboratories for Ethos Veterinary Health, said, “Of the hundreds of samples evaluated during the study, no operative or functional errors occurred, showing consistent and reliable results.” The findings were also useful for establishing the analyzer’s reference intervals (normal ranges) for all three species.

This was part of a collaborative effort between Samsung and Henry Schein.  … Read this article