Ethos Discovery Launches Collaborative Program to Cure Canine Hemangiosarcoma


Woburn, MA –  August 27, 2019:  Ethos Discovery recently announced its plan to deliver curative outcomes for dogs with splenic hemangiosarcoma. This will be achieved through a combination of genomic and precision medicine, and aligned prospective clinical trials collectively named ePUSH (Ethos Precision Medicine Umbrella Study for Hemangiosarcoma).

Ethos Veterinary Health (Ethos) just opened the first clinical trial that will provide data to support ePUSH by assessing the combination of conventional chemotherapy (doxorubicin) with a targeted cancer therapy (rapamycin) in dogs following splenectomy for splenic hemangiosarcoma.

“Ethos is proud of our scientific ambitions and of our investments in innovation that will improve outcomes for our patients and the profession,” said Ames Prentiss, CEO of Ethos Veterinary Health.

“As a Critical Care doctor, improving outcomes for these patients will be truly gratifying,” said Sam Stewart, DVM, DACVECC, Science Commercialization Fellow at Ethos Veterinary Health. Dr. Stewart added “This project is made possible by the focus on this disease and our recently completed CHAMP (Canine Hemangiosarcoma Molecular Profiling) study. The submission of the first manuscript from this study is expected in September 2019.

Canine hemangiosarcoma is one of the most common forms of cancer in dogs. It has an aggressive nature and currently available therapies typically only provide small improvements in patient outcomes. Seizing on this unmet need, Ethos is now pursuing trials investigating the use of novel treatments for hemangiosarcoma in an effort to deliver curative outcomes.

This umbrella study represents a scientifically sound use of precision and genomic medicine that is differentiated from other approaches currently being taken in the field. It involves randomizing patients with a specific cancer (i.e. canine hemangiosarcoma) to drugs, defined by cancer genotype, and then monitoring outcomes prospectively.

“We have a defined path towards this aspirational goal and are particularly interested in bringing together the best ideas in the field to deliver the desired cure,” said Chand Khanna, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Onc), Chief Science Officer of Ethos Veterinary Health, and President of Ethos Discovery. “We are agnostic to the source of good ideas and are uniquely positioned to lead this effort through a very open and collaborative approach to science innovation and encourage all interested individuals or institutions to contact us.”

Early phase studies of novel therapeutics for hemangiosarcoma in dogs have opened and will continue in preparation for the launch of ePUSH in Q3 2020. Desired curative outcomes from ePUSH are expected after the conclusion of this five year project.

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Nadja Torling

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