Annual Report 2018

Ethos Discovery was formed as a nonprofit incubator of scientific innovation. We are delivering on the unmet diagnostic and therapeutic needs of both human and veterinary patients with complex medical problems.

Although the focus of our scientific agenda has prioritized the delivery of health improvements to veterinary patients, we have developed a strategy for the same advances to improve health outcomes in human patients with similar conditions.

Through targeted research, clinical trials, and the delivery of advanced veterinary care, we can change the future. We have seen remarkable progress in 2018.

Our Current Scientific Priorities:

  • Hemangiosarcoma Program: Develop a cure for dogs with hemangiosarcoma (a very aggressive cancer.)
  • Sepsis Program: Early diagnosis and effective treatment of sepsis in dogs and cats.
  • Microbiome Program: Determine how changes in the bacterial diversity of the intestine contributes to autoimmune disease, cancer, and other diseases such as diabetes.
  • Inflammatory Disease Program: Cell based therapy for inflammatory brain diseases.
  • Novel Therapeutics Program: Developing therapeutics in a number of specific areas such as: CBD oil, pain management, anti fungals, and immunosuppressant drugs.

More information is available in our annual report about our project portfolio and scientific collaborations, please click to Read Report.


2018 Ethos Discovery Annual Report