Ethos Discovery Receives Support from Frankie’s Friends


Woburn, Mass. — March 11, 2020: Ethos Discovery is excited to announce a $12,000 donation received by Frankie’s Friends in support of the Ethos Discovery’s Hemagiosarcoma and Sepsis research programs. This contribution will help Ethos Discovery continue its work to improve health outcomes for animals and humans with complex medical problems.

“Frankie’s Friends is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding cures and saving pets with life-threatening conditions. We are pleased to further the incredible research being conducted ethically and humanely by Ethos Discovery, in hopes of providing a better quality of life for pets in need of emergency and specialty veterinary care. Frankie’s Friends provides financial assistance for pets in need of emergency and specialty veterinary care whose families cannot afford the full cost of the treatments needed to save their lives. For more information, please visit”

Ethos Discovery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that internally develops and answers its own clinical research questions. We are agnostic to the source of good ideas and uniquely positioned, with the support of Ethos Veterinary Health, to reach patients and doctors nationally and partner with key leaders in their field internationally. Ethos Discovery pursues impactful research that will make a difference where it is most important, at the point of care and to patients and families in the community and beyond. Our work is funded through philanthropic donations from like-minded individuals and organizations like Frankie’s Friends.



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